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Medicine Pouch

In the Shamanic tradition, the word "Medicine" is used like modern physician use the word medicine only Shamanic Medicine is very different from what you would get from your G.P. physician or your pharmacy. A Shaman may prescribe you to sing a certain song, or you may be given branches from an Oak tree, or you may be asked to meditate on the image of a Turtle or a Moose. This Medicine brings to the client the "energy" of the substance, the Oak tree, the Turtle or the Moose, the client needs to overcome whatever may be lacking within them.

For Shamans, Medicine Pouches are thought of as personal talismans carried as needed for different purposes. The same would be true what the client needs so would a Shaman. The Personal Medicine Pouch is made specifically for what is needed to give strength, wisdom, magic, prosperity or anything else to give support to the Shaman or to the person wearing the Medicine Pouch.

Inside each pouch will be icons you choose to assist you in the work and life you live. Special stones, coins and other ritual objects. Let your imagination wander as to what you may need. For example for Protection you would want something strong ... perhaps a 1/4 inch piece of wood from an Oak tree; a hard stone like granite and/or a stone like black obsidian or blue chalcedony. We know we can't fit a whole Bear in our tiny pouch, but you may find a small icon that symbolizes the bear, or maybe a small tuft of hair, or you can even take a crystal or stone and simply infuse the crystal with the energy of the animal.

A Shamanic Medicine Pouch is extremely personal for yourself or someone else you may be making it for. Before you make your Pouch, either for yourself or someone else, sit and really discover what is needed and perhaps why. Let Great Spirit be your Guide in addition to your own Animal or Spirit Guide. Listen to what is missing and what needs to be added or subtracted to the Spirit of the wearer of the Medicine Pouch then begin gathering your materials as is called for. 

There are many places to find the icons and pouches you may want to purchase or make. There are many videos on making your own pouch or you can purchase one, which is equally fine as well. Everything you get, either purchased or hand made, will first need to be "cleaned" before you use it anyway. Follow along with the class or video for full description.

One place I recommend for purchases is Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta, GA. They have quality product, a wide selection, a knowledgeable staff and a reasonable price and they ship all over the world. or you can call them: 404.255.5207


To me the "Common Stone" is a representation of Earth energy in it's most humble state. This is a stone/rock you may find in the driveway or along side of a creek in the woods. This stone is the essence of kindness, truth, gentleness, wisdom, humility and humor. It's like the old guy from the filling station out on a country road somewhere. You wouldn't really think twice about him, but after about 20 minutes listening to him you realize he's got more wisdom than you could imagined.

Medicine Pouch for Prosperity

Back in the day Shamans worked for their food and were often paid with a cow or a chicken. Today it would seem unusual for someone to drive up to a gas station and pay them with a bushel of butter beans. Even Shamans drive cars and rent/buy places to live. MONEY is our method of financial accounting. We all need money, for the most part, to make our world go around. So money it is!

People have always asked me "shouldn't we say abundance instead of prosperity?" Well, abundance is a tricky word and with the Universe you need to be very specific. You can have an abundance of problems, an abundance of parking tickets an abundance of ... you get my point. When you are working with Shamanic PROSPERITY ... you are working with the power of a gentle, continued success without end. Money, in and of itself, is not bad. It's what we do with it that either builds and supports or corrupts and separates. With Shamanic Wealth we will be working with: "The Yin of Prosperity!"

When we build a PROSPERITY POUCH we create all the money we need to be comfortable and beyond. Who in your life and/or awareness is truly prosperous?


Carlos Slim                       J.K.Rowling                   Elon Musk                   Ted Turner

Steve Jobs                        Oprah Winfrey                Warren Buffett             Bernard Marcus

J. K. Rowling                   Tony Robbins                  Dolly Parton                Marlo/Danny Thomas



Who is in your life? Did you have an aunt or uncle or great grand father who was prosperous?


coin of St. Michael
lady bug
Chinese money bag
Cowrie shell
Coins of current country
Coin of desired country
Feng Shui Coin


Natural Icons:

Four leaf clover



Citrine (in all pouches)

Clear Quartz (in all pouches)

Common Stone (in all pouches)

Tigers Eye
Green Aventurine
Green Jade
Magnetic Hematite
Golden Sheen Obsidian
Moss Agate
Labradorite (with green hues)

Medicine Pouch for Wisdom

We don't know everything in the world, but when we call our Inner Circle of the greatest minds, we have all we need! Any great CEO will tell you ... "It's not WHAT you know - it's WHO you know who knows how to get what you need!" 

Wisdom goes beyond smart. We carry the Wisdom Pouch in times of decision making, and when are we NOT making decision?! We make decision by the thousands every day. Some you make not think are important, but when you look at life from the Shamans point of view - everything is important. Wisdom takes intelligence and good judgement when making decisions. You want to think about who brings Wisdom into your life or who you consider to be Wise.

Below here are a few of the famous wise people ... but think also personally. One of mine is a gentleman by the name of F.A. Miller, who had a big impact on my life when I was in the film business. F.A. goes with me everywhere!

Confucius                                     Maya Angelou                             Walt Disney

Gautama Buddha                         Socrates                                        Nikola Tesla

Jesus                                            Abraham Lincoln                         Albert Einstein 

Muhammad                                 Winston Churchill                        Steve Jobs 

Gandhi                                        Margaret Thacher                          Leonardo da Vinci
Mother Theresa                          Martin Luther King, Jr                  Benjamin Franklin


Coin of Archangel Ariel
Eye of Horus


Natural Icons:

Ocean Shell
Pine Tree
(bark or needle)



Citrine (in all pouches)
Clear Quartz (in all pouches)
Common Stone (in all pouches)


Lapis Lazuli
Blue Kyanite
Sea Shell

Smokey Quartz
Blue Lace Agate


The following is from Alka Kapoor, who specializes in crystal work and is currently writing her book on the subject. She came up with a brilliant method of crystal combinations I want to share with you with her permission.

For combining crystal you look for 3 different categories:

Base: creates a foundation to what you are building.

Base stones are like: Obsidian, Hematite, Jet, Labradorite, Onyx, Turquoise, Jade, Ruby

Amplify:  a crystal that amplifies the abilities of your base and Action crystals
Amplification stone are like: Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Pyrite, Malachite, Selenite, Citrine, Carnelian

Action: a crystal that puts you desire into to action

Action stones are whatever stones that emanates the properties you are looking to achieve. For example if you were looking for Prosperity a Prosperity stone of Amber would be called for here.

 Crystal Combinations by: Alka Kapoor

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