Oct. 28 - Nov. 1

or just

October 30 - November 1

To “retreat” in Shamanism is to give yourself the opportunity to become fully immersed in growing your relationship with Great Spirit in order to Replenish, Renew and Remember just how strong of a connection you have with the Divine Nature of the Universe.

The Shaman sees all things

           as a communication with 

Great Spirit.

Time before Retreat begins!

PHYSICAL DISTANCING and other rules will apply. Please see below!

Now, more than ever we need our moments together with each other and Nature. The world has turned upside down. Anger, confusion and sadness has tried to ruled our life to the point where we are not sure what to do or where to go.

There is a timeless wisdom to nature,

as the Shamans of another era taught us.

Society has moved from the caves and the mud huts and now Shamanism has opened a new door to help Awaken those who choose to truly be a “vibration” for the Higher Good. The world needs more Shamans. More people dedicated to deepening their experience with Great Spirit, nature and themselves.



The new program is still being revised and will include some of the favorites from the

past years with hands on experiences, lecture and Shamanic Journey.

  • Learn the principals of Shamanic Healing with Sound*

  • Meet yourself when you were a Shaman in a past life*

  • Learn Shamanic Tarot and be confident to give a reading*

  • Find a deeper Peace through the practice of Mindful Listening

  • Nature walk and cloud gazing

  • Shamanic BONFIRE on Halloween by the light of a FULL BLUE MOON!

  • and MORE!



(* is for Wednesday - Sunday retreat only)

This is a non-drug retreat and is based solely on your Direct connection between yourself and Source with no other filters to get in the way of the authentic experience. What you take home is the person you always knew was inside of yourself. An intuitive, compassionate person with integrity and a desire to be a greater expression of love that will help heal the world.

Come and be replenished in Nature and deepen your connection to Source. Hear the wind and let Nature guide you into the Inner Spring of your soul.  Feel the drumbeat. Let the Gong take you on a Journey you’ve only heard about. Let yourself dive deep into the essence of who you are and why you are here.

Within the silence of meditation

you will experience the deep tranquility

you know is real and healing for

Body, Mind and Spirit.



standard menu includes:

meal options such as morning eggs and sausage as well as veggie patties and tofu scramble, fresh fruit, dry cereal, grits and oatmeal.

salad is well stocked for lunch and dinner and served by Retreat Staff.

Evening meals include meat and vegetarian main entrées and a selection of vegetables.

a selection of drinks available from fresh coffee, juices, 2% or skim milk, as well as almond and soy milks. Hot water is available for hot tea or a nice hot chocolate.

                NOTE OF CHANGES FOR 2020 RETREAT:            

  • There will be a NO TOUCH / NO HUG policy - please honor this for everyone

  • All Programs will adhere to the 6 foot Physical Distancing plan

  • Mask to be used at your discretion and highly recommended

  • Mask must be worn while in line for meals then at your own discretion at your table

  • Teacher will not be wearing a mask while teaching


  • meals offered in a CAFETERIA style, allowing Retreat Staff to make your plate for you

  • picnic tables have been set up outside for outdoor seating

  • several tables in the cafeteria have been removed for more spacious seating

Meditation Rock

Journey with the Bonfire

* Bonfire Journey weather permitting

Typical bedroom

with private bath

Walk the Labyrinth

Reflect with Nature

Re-Connect with your Soul

~ Re-Connect with your True Self ~


Re-Connect with your Roots


single room fees

have been waived!

Cost includes:

All meals at Retreat Center


All Programs

All taxes and fees

You Have a Choice!

Join in for 5 day/ 4 nights or 3 day/ 2 nights

5 Day / 4 Night




Trusted Tribe Member:  $738.24

3 Day / 2 night



Trusted Tribe Member $398.13

to join the Trusted Tribe, a monthly membership of weekly meditations and special events, click below:





Learn the principals of Shamanic Healing with Sound

Meet yourself when you were a Shaman in a past life

Learn Shamanic Tarot and be confident to give a reading

Shaman Retreat Schedule 2020

(Tentative Schedule and subject to change)

Wednesday October 28

Welcome & Orientation                   
Opening Meditation, Ceremony, Introduction to Shaman Tarot     
        Join in The Sacred Circle and set your Intention for the weekend.           
Bonfire! Opening Shamanic Journey     

Thursday October 29

Morning Meditation   (optional)                          
Shamanic Past Life and Animal Guide                    
Walking the Labyrinth, Meditative Earthing, Forest Bathing       
Rock Hounding (optional) ~ by the creek
Learn the principals of Shamanic Healing with Sound                   
Bonfire!     Shamanic Symbolism/Tarot
                  Shamanic Healing and Clearing
                  Journey with Drum and Gong

Friday October 30

Morning Meditation    (optional)                         
Shamanic Nature Walk: The Language of Nature and Tarot  
Mindfulness Meditation: Deep Peace, Deep Listening
FREE TIME:   Silver Eagle Store (optional: opportunity to discount purchase)
Gathering of the Tribe including the Weekend Guest
Bonfire! “Welcome Home” Journey with Animal Spirits           

Saturday October 31

Morning Meditation                         
Meeting Your Wisdom Counsel
Medicine Pouch Creation (in Nature if weather permits)                 
Deep Tranquility, Cloud Gazing and Cellular Stress Reduction Meditation            
FREE TIME (Forest Bathing)
Journey of Shamanic Shape-shifting                    
Bonfire! Journey of All Hallows Eve during a FULL BLUE MOON!    

Sunday November 1

Morning Meditation (optional)                        
Breakfast (check out of room)
Journey to the Counsel of Wisdom
Walking the Labyrinth with Closing Journey                 

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about the retreat!



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