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30 seconds of stunning natural beauty.
Sunrise at Shaman Retreat 2019
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The Shamans Path to Awakened Living was started to bring a greater awareness of living a more authentic life with Compassion by Don Simmons. Click HERE for more information.

Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher Don Reed Simmons

Shamanism is a call to Higher Service. Helping humanity. Helping the Earth. There are multiple ways we are involved. Click below to see what we are doing!


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There are so many wonderful events you can attend hosted by our Shamans. Check out our CALENDAR OF EVENTS here.

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Become a Shaman and step into the empowerment of your world and the world around you. Intention, Intuition, Compassion and Action are the Cornerstones to Awakened Living. See how YOU can make a difference.

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Learn how to create your own

Medicine Pouch!

A sacred instrument, Shamans use the Medicine Pouch for many reasons to be carried in times of need. We will determine what you need and how to create it - right there on the spot!

Once you register, you will receive a list of items you will need for the class.

This is a FREE virtual class.

Details coming soon.

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July 30, 2019

It’s an ancient tradition used by Saints, sinners, gurus and CEO’s. Time out. Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert where, through his test, confirmed his confidence in his life’s purpose. According to Buddhist texts, the Buddha meditated for 49 days under a Banyan tree, now known as the Bodhi tree, and attained Enlightenment. Business leaders regularly take “Executive Retreat” to “slow down in order to speed up busi...

February 6, 2019


    The Shaman of today is transformed. We live in a world of massive mega grocery stores with 1,000 different types of mustard; you can purchase a car and have it delivered without leaving your home; news and current events are flashed on the TV the instant it happens; and now, Global policy takes root in 280 characters. Of course the Shaman has changed. The world has changed.

     Shamans, by their very nature, are...

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