Vicki Evans

     * Shamanic and Reiki Healing Sessions

     * Soul Retrieval

     * Guided Journeys for Healing

     * Distance Healing for People and Animals

     * Monthly Shamanic Women’s Group

     * Monthly Energy Share

With over 20 years in the healing profession, I started Reiki training in 2005 and became a Reiki Master in 2007. In 2013 I completed Shamanic Training with Don Simmons and continue honing my skills through the monthly Shaman Healing Circle. Currently I facilitate a monthly Shaman Women's Circle and Energy Share based in Atlanta.


Since I completed the Shaman Training, I have been seeing clients for private healing sessions and also doing distance healing sessions for both people and animals.

Each healing session is different, simply because each of you have different needs and ways of receiving healing. I will journey at the start of the session for guidance on the best way to bring healing to you.

A Shamanic and Reiki healing session with me always includes spirit-guided hands on healing and may include some or all of the following: a channeled message from your guides to aid in your healing; sound therapy with tuning forks, singing bowls, rattles, and drumming; a guided journey for healing or contacting your guides; crystal therapy; clearing out old stale energy and bringing in new, life giving energy; soul retrieval; clearing the chakras.

I see clients on the weekends in my office in Sandy Springs, GA.

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