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The 4 Pillars of Shamanism

The world of the Shaman is shrouded in mystery and fascination with the mystique of someone who has power over another. This could not be further from the truth. The true Shaman is one who is productive in society, leading the way to a better humanity both locally and globally. With the desire to increase their own Spiritual development, they are called to a Higher standard of living. One which incorporates certain guidepost for themselves in order to attain the status of visionary, healer and wise counselor. To the Shaman, there are 4 Pillars we uphold in developing our own Spiritual discipline, each deepening a personal commitment to their own wisdom and to the enhancement of their community. In all ways, the Shaman is led by Spirit, not ego and their only concern is to strengthen the communication between “Self and Source.” The benefit of this individual work is the healing of others, the harmony of community and the building of a sustainable society. The first Pillar of Shamanism is of INTENTION. Without intention nothing would happen in the world. Whether you want to go into business or date the cutest guy or girl in school, you have to set an intention. The cornerstone of Intention for the Shaman is to “do only that which is for the Highest Good.” The Intention is setting a goal, consciously and purposefully, for this greater good to take place. It’s not a fantasy or dream. It is an energetic contract between the Universe and the Shaman to make as a desired end-result. The Shaman works with the Universe as an emissary of Great Spirit and takes steps only as guided by Great Spirit. The second Pillar of Shamanism follows the goal of Intention by using a trained source of INTUITION. If Intention is the “end-result,” then Intuition is the road by which the Shaman travels to achieve its mission. Developing Intuition is a life-long process involving trust, confidence and willingness to practice everyday. This practice may involve meditation, contemplation, retreats and the ability to see the Sacredness in all things. Humility is the cornerstone of Intuition which rest on the shoulders of forgiveness and non-judgement. A Shaman lives by Intuition in their work and in their lives. It is the commodity by which all things happen. The third Pillar of Shamanism builds upon the second by taking a vow of COMPASSION. It was Mother Teresa who said; “We cannot do great thing on this earth, only small things with great love.” Compassion is the “concern for and the reduction of the sufferings or misfortunes of others” and is always in the forefront of the Shamans thoughts. Compassion takes empathy to the next level of understand the suffering of another and the desire to give assistance to alleviate that suffering, even if it’s though a silent prayer. Compassion is for every sentient being, not just a family member or friend, but for everyone, including those who oppose us. The fourth Pillar of Shamanism ties it all together with ACTION. As a Shaman it is imperative to “Be” a Spiritual Being who communicates with Great Spirit and the Spirits of all Beings, but it’s just as important to “Do” something with it. Shamans are adept in the process of wisdom then taking that wisdom into Action to make it happen. “To make an omelette, you have to break an egg” is a saying from a chef whose wisdom extends far beyond the kitchen. It is in the “doing” of the Right Things where we find our greatest satisfaction. All Shamans are leaning into their own Self-Awareness of who they are and how they show up in the world. It is by being Awakened to their true nature does the Shaman truly bloom in the world. We leap into the abyss, trusting our Intention, Intuition and Compassion in order to take Action and change the world. The world with all it’s beauty, however, needs our help. It’s the Awakened Shaman that truly can help save the world. By developing the 4 Pillars of Shamanism within can we then go into the world, by design and with clear Intention, to bring healing and harmony to all Living Things.

© 2018 Don Reed Simmons All Rights Reserved

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