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The Shaman Circle

Shamans generally live and work outside the community but are here to be of service to the community. Why is that? What makes a Shaman want to be away from those they love and desire to help? The medicine men and women, Wisdom Keepers and Way Showers of our societies have a long history of taking “retreat.” Jesus and Buddha have done it and it’s a standard practice for professors at Universities and church ministers to take Sabbatical. This is done to clear ones head from the rut of thinking they have been treading. To get away from the noisy crowd that can cloud clear thinking. To commune with nature and to talk to God. Shamans have to be “in the zone” all the time as well, so when the time comes and their service is called upon they already have all the clear thinking and connection with Great Spirit at their will. Living “Outside the Circle” is not a bad thing. It’s important to know your space is Sacred in times of need. To know your way of thinking is not based on someone elses desire but instead True Connection to Great Spirit. You don’t have to physically live alone in the woods or in the dessert to be a Shaman. As a matter of fact my neighborhood on the outskirts of a major metropolitan city is filled with wonderful people I wave to as my girlfriend and I walk our husky. I drive on interstates and go to the grocery store. As I do these things however, I do them as a Shaman. Aware of my role as a compassionate and intuitive being who is connecting with Great Spirit in every step I take. With every “hello” is a communication with God. Every wave of the hand is a gesture of awakening Love. Every breath is a renewal of Divine Living. Living outside the Circle is not getting caught up in the petty arguments or gossip. Distancing yourself from jealousy and greed. Being free from incessant talk, the soundtrack of chaos and fear. Living outside the Circle is recognizing your job is to Great Spirit and a clear and clean mind, body and spirit is your daily homework. Then when the Shamans meet INSIDE the Circle, that’s when magic truly happens because they have done their homework to make themselves and the world a better place. Aloha ~

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