September 27, 28 & 29

with optional days of

September 30 - October 3

To “retreat” in Shamanism is to give yourself the opportunity to become fully immersed in growing your relationship with Great Spirit in order to replenish, renew and remember just how strong of a connection you have with the Divine Nature of the Universe.

The Shaman sees all things

           as a communication with 

Great Spirit.

Time before Retreat begins!

3 Days / 2 Nights Package

(includes NC Sales Tax and Program Fees)

Adult: $436.36 ~ double occupancy

Adult: $511.09 ~ private room 

(subject to availability)


7 Days / 6 Nights Package

(includes NC Sales Tax and Program Fees)

(we must have 20 guest minimum for the extra days)

Adult: $867.16 ~ double occupancy

Adult: $1091.34 ~ private room 

(subject to availability)

There is a timeless wisdom to nature, as the Shamans of another era taught us. Society has moved from the caves and the mud huts and now Shamanism has opened a new door to help Awaken those who choose to truly be a “vibration” for the Higher Good. The world needs more Shamans. More people dedicated to deepening their experience with Great Spirit, nature and themselves.

Through the week and weekend of hands-on experience, lecture and Shamanic Journey you will:

  • Realign your Soul Self to your Authentic Nature

  • Discover how Nature is talking to you and how to listen for the messages

  • Learn the principals of Shamanic Healing with Sound

  • Meet yourself when you were a Shaman in a past life

  • Learn techniques for Cellular Stress Reduction

  • Find a deeper Peace within yourself through the practice of Deep Mindful Listening

This is a non-drug retreat and is based solely on your Direct connection between yourself and Source with no other filters to get in the way of the authentic experience. What you take home is the person you always knew was inside of yourself. An intuitive, compassionate person with integrity and a desire to be a greater expression of love that will help heal the world.

Come and be replenished in Nature and deepen your connection to Source. Hear the wind and let Nature guide you into the Inner Spring of your soul.  Feel the drumbeat. Let the Gong take you on a Journey you’ve only heard about. Let yourself dive deep into the essence of who you are and why you are here.
Within the silence of meditation you will experience the deep tranquility you know is real.



standard menu includes:

meal options such as morning eggs and sausage as well as veggie patties and tofu scramble, fresh fruit,

dry cereal, grits and oatmeal.

salad bar is well stocked for lunch and dinner.

Evening meals include meat and vegetarian main entrées and a selection of vegetables.

a selection of drinks available from fresh coffee, juices, 2% or skim milk, as well as almond and soy milks. Hot water is available for hot tea or a nice hot chocolate.

meals offered in a self-serve buffet style, allowing guests to craft their own final meal selections.



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Meditation Rock

2019 Weekend and FULL Week Retreat Schedule

September 27 ~ October 3

Journey with the Bonfire

* Bonfire Journey weather permitting

Typical bedroom

with private bath

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Walk the Labyrinth

Reflect with Nature

Re-Connect with your Soul

~ Re-Connect with your True Self ~


Re-Connect with your Roots

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