Shaman * Healer * Intuitive

* Shamanic Journeying/Healing

* Meditation

* Psychic Medium

Although she completed her Shaman training with Don Simmons in October 2016, Mary has been an intuitive all her life. From reading her neighbor’s palms at age 8 to seeing and sensing the energy around her, there has always been a knowing of more.


Through life's challenges, dangerous situations and tragedy, her Angels and Guides have always been there. Filling her hearts calling, Mary followed her path; learning from different classes, techniques, Masters and methods for healing.  She believes strongly in daily meditation and currently has two different meditations available on the Insight Timer app. 


Stepping fully into her gifts during Don Simmons Shaman class, Mary has a connection to the truth of Spirit. Her skills were further elevated in a Psychic Medium class with her awareness to the gifts for which she has been blessed.  Mary is honored and humbled by the gifts given to her.


Healing is her heart’s calling in this life. Mary offers personal consultations.


"Each persons needs are different and together we will make a plan for your healing."

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