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If you would like to follow
"The Shamans Path to Awakened Living"
take the pledge and begin your personal
Path of the Shaman.

Take the Shamans Oath and begin YOUR Path as a Shaman today!

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Shaman's Oath

"I uphold that all of life is Sacred and in keeping my contract
with GREAT SPIRIT, I honor ALL living beings including myself.

I take personal responsibility for the outcome of Harmony, both local and global, and will develop my life for the Greater Good, placing character above all things.

I will be faithful in love, loyal in friendship and will cherish humility.
Where there is suffering, I will express Compassion.
In the face of adversity, I will be brave.
Recognizing deception, I will seek Truth in all things.
My Path is to elevate all of Humanity and to show
Loving / Kindness to all of God's Creations.

My thoughts and actions are in Divine alignment with Great Spirit."

I pledge to:

  1. Aspire to live a life that promotes Honor and Trustworthiness for others to model.

  2. Cultivate Mindfulness as a practice of personal transformation.

  3. Develop my life for a Greater Good by striving for Balance in the 5 Healths of Life*.

  4. Refrain from hurtful language of dishonesty, sarcasm and anger.

  5. Support the Earth in an active way through Deed of Service.

  6. Protect those who cannot protect themselves.

  7. Show humility and gratitude in every circumstance.

  8. Forgive others and to forgive myself as I know we are all One.

  9. Protect children from harm, both physical and emotional.

  10. Support and protect women who are in need and stand as a shield for their well-being.

  11. Be a Greater Space of Love without Judgement.

  12. Express and openly exhibit Loving/Kindness to every sentient Being.

  13. Be Faithful to family, loyal to friends and a companion to fellow Shamans.

  14. Maintain a healthy Body, a sound Mind and an elevated Spirit.

The 5 Healths include the balance of:


  1. Physical Wellbeing

  2. Mental Stability

  3. Financial Security

  4. Professional Integrity

  5. Robust Relationships

For a Shamanic Certificate of Intention,

please contact us for full details.

Contact Here

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