* Tarot

* Crystals

* Candle Magic

* Spellwork

* Shamanic Journeying

* Energy Work/healing (mostly focusing on emotional wounds).

Angelita has a unique heritage that is of the Caribbean Taino tribe, a highly Spiritual, Earth based people, who performed magic with the sea, the sky and the mountains. They were thought of as "gentle and without knowledge of what is evil and are gentle and always laughing."  (Christopher Columbus in the Bahamas 1492)

Angelita has been a practicing witch since 2010 and a shaman since 2014. She does rituals and spellwork, as well as energetic healings and journeywork.


As an Empath, her healing work tends to focus more on the emotional side of things, using crystals and their energies as her main tool.

She has also been reading Tarot since 2011 and uses it as a honing tool for clairaudient and intuitive channeling during readings.

Angelita is available for events, parties and private sessions in person or by SKYPE

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